• Connection to continue with St Andrew’s Hospital

    The band is thrilled to announce that our relationship with the St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital is ongoing for another three years.

    Emmanuel College and the St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital have common roots with a shared Scottish heritage, and our two institutions share many community connections through our founders, the Church, links with the military, the University of Queensland and the medical community.

    This renewal of sponsorship will greatly assist the band in maintaining our high standard of professionalism and musicality for our audiences. The band is looking forward to strengthening our bond with the hospital in the time to come!


    Principal of Emmanuel College Dr Stewart Gill (L) and Pipe Major Andrew McCabe (R) with Andrew Barron, General Manager of the St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.



    If you would like help support the pipe band, please see our support page for information on how you can buy our CD or donate to the band via the Emmanuel College Foundation. All support received is used towards the benefit of the pipe band, primarily for the maintenance of uniforms and instruments to enable the band to continue to perform at a high standard for our audiences.

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