Join the Band!

Learners and experienced players are always welcome at the University of Queensland Pipe Band. We’re a friendly team incorporating members of all ages and backgrounds, brought together by a common love of piping and drumming!

The band provides free tutoring for the great highland bagpipe and the three types of drums: the side drum, tenor drum and bass drum. Membership is open to the wider community and you do not need to be associated with the University of Queensland or Emmanuel College to join.

We aim to enjoy our practices and performances through playing entertaining music to a high standard; you can see on the event page the festivals, parades and concerts we are involved with. The band is also keen on being active in pipe band competitions, and if you are interested in this aspect of performance our tutors will work with you to reach the required standard to become a part of the competition band.


Band practice is held on Tuesdays from 5.00-8.30pm at Emmanuel College, with learners scheduled between 5:00 and 6:00pm. Extra practices and learner lessons are organised as required. Interested players are encouraged to contact Emmanuel College for more information.

Recruiting new band members at UQ Market Day.